Perl DUNDi Library

I've started work on a Perl DUNDi library. At this point it does some basic parsing of input, but nothing regarding output.

You can follow along at Source is on Github at

To learn more about DUNDi, see


Speaking At OpenWest 2014

OpenWest Logo
I will be at the 2014 OpenWest conference with a presentation titled "Secure Your VoIP with Asterisk and Kamailio". Looks like they have me penciled in for 3pm on May 9th. Watch the schedule for changes and take a look at all the other awesome talks as well. I've attended and presented a number of times at OpenWest (aka UTOSC) and it's always a great venue.


TLS By Default

TLS has always been enabled, but with a self-signed certificate. I finally went out and got a proper certificate so now I feel better enabling HTTPS as the default. You may still find some HTTP content here or there as I finish the conversion.


Rdesktop Wrapper Using Zenity

I use Rdesktop to RDP into Windows machines, but I needed something to set all my default options and I wanted a GUI for it so I didn't have to remember all the server names. I tried out Remmina and TSclient, but nothing so far has been just right. So I made my own, which is attached below. The rdp-servers.conf file is just a simple, unordered list of server names or IP addresses.


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