DUNDi "No such key" error

When adding a new DUNDi peer in Asterisk, after updating dundi.conf and using astgenkey to create the RSA public/private key pair, Asterisk will emit the following error:

pbx_dundi.c:1331 update_key: No such key 'foo' for creating RSA encrypted shared key for '00:01:02:03:04:05'!


Speaking At OpenWest 2014

OpenWest Logo
I will be at the 2014 OpenWest conference with a presentation titled "Secure Your VoIP with Asterisk and Kamailio". Looks like they have me penciled in for 3pm on May 9th. Watch the schedule for changes and take a look at all the other awesome talks as well. I've attended and presented a number of times at OpenWest (aka UTOSC) and it's always a great venue.


TLS By Default

TLS has always been enabled, but with a self-signed certificate. I finally went out and got a proper certificate so now I feel better enabling HTTPS as the default. You may still find some HTTP content here or there as I finish the conversion.


Kamailio and Asterisk SIPTLS + SRTP

TLS for SIP and RTP has long been on my hit list. I've been traveling a lot more for work recently, so secure mobile VoIP has gone up in priority.

Step 1, create an SSL certificate.

openssl req -out certreq.pem -new -nodes -keyout key.pem

(Optional) Step 1a, sign the SSL cert with your own CA. Otherwise, get it signed by a trusted CA.


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