SSL Is Finally Dead

Today news broke that SSL 3.0, the last version before TLS was released, has been thoroughly cracked. The protocol itself was exploited, not just a bug in an implementation. That means that no software which supports SSL3 is safe. Most notable in this class is Internet Explorer 6 and Windows XP. Anyone still using either of those, of course, should have moved off of them long long ago.

su: cannot set user id: Resource temporarily unavailable

When attempting to use su, you may receive the following error:

# su - otheruser
su: cannot set user id: Resource temporarily unavailable

This is caused by the PAM limits.conf file. Often (always?) it's because the target user has exceeded the max number of processes allowed. You can verify this with ps.

# ps -eLF |grep otheruser |wc -l

In this case, 1127 is greater than the max allowed of 1024. To fix this, set the nproc limit higher, or stop any unwanted processes.

__sip_xmit returned -2: No such file or directory

Polycom LogoI've been switching all my devices to run over TLS if possible, but TCP if not. Polycom has been giving me the most grief lately. When changing from UDP to TCP on a Polycom SoundPoint IP 330 or 335, I would continually get the following message in my Asterisk logs:

[Jun 7 10:12:04] WARNING[4747]: chan_sip.c:3905 __sip_xmit: sip_xmit of 0xa0b1338 (len 583) to x.x.x.x:48356 returned -2: No such file or directory

Perl DUNDi Library

I've started work on a Perl DUNDi library. At this point it does some basic parsing of input, but nothing regarding output.

You can follow along at Source is on Github at

To learn more about DUNDi, see


Speaking At OpenWest 2014

OpenWest Logo
I will be at the 2014 OpenWest conference with a presentation titled "Secure Your VoIP with Asterisk and Kamailio". Looks like they have me penciled in for 3pm on May 9th. Watch the schedule for changes and take a look at all the other awesome talks as well. I've attended and presented a number of times at OpenWest (aka UTOSC) and it's always a great venue.



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