Home Assistant speech to text with Asterisk and DeepSpeech

I live outside city limits, so we don't have a municipal garbage service. Instead we get to choose from a handful of private trash collection companies. The one we chose is fine as far as garbage collection goes, but their website is stuck in the dark ages. Their contact email is an address, if that tells you something. When I want to find out if garbage collection has been delayed due to a holiday, I have to call their phone number and listen to a voice message. It's terribly inconvenient and a lot more difficult to integrate with my Home Assistant installation.


Asterisk IAX User Matching

I spend another couple hours tonight banging my head on the keyboard fighting a "No authority found" error in Asterisk. This seems to come up pretty regularly when I bring up new IAX trunks, but this one was an old trunk I was trying to recover. I'm not sure if this is a new feature in Asterisk 13 or what, but turns out that incoming matching rules only look at "type=user" (or "type=friend") entries. That's different from SIP channels which will match on either one. So lesson learned.


Asterisk "(null)" SDP

I configured a trunk between two Asterisk boxes. The one is behind a NAT and was able to register to the other with no problem, but calls failed with a cryptic message that DNS resolution for "(null)" failed. Looking at a SIP packet capture, I saw something to this effect:

Contact: <sip:s@(null);transport=TCP>


DUNDi "No such key" error

When adding a new DUNDi peer in Asterisk, after updating dundi.conf and using astgenkey to create the RSA public/private key pair, Asterisk will emit the following error:

pbx_dundi.c:1331 update_key: No such key 'foo' for creating RSA encrypted shared key for '00:01:02:03:04:05'!


Speaking At OpenWest 2014

OpenWest Logo
I will be at the 2014 OpenWest conference with a presentation titled "Secure Your VoIP with Asterisk and Kamailio". Looks like they have me penciled in for 3pm on May 9th. Watch the schedule for changes and take a look at all the other awesome talks as well. I've attended and presented a number of times at OpenWest (aka UTOSC) and it's always a great venue.


Asterisk Experiment: IPv6 and TCP

I couldn't tell you how long these features have been in Asterisk but I decided to give IPv6 and SIP/TCP a try in the latest 1.8 release. Basically it's a simple process. There are no special options required in the build, not that I could find anyway.

Once it's installed, there are two configuration options that need to be set. By default Asterisk will only listen on IPv4 and UDP so add these options in sip.conf:


UTOSC 2009 Is Full Steam Ahead!

And with that, I've uploaded all my slides for the Utah Open Source Conference. My goal was to have them ready by last night, so I'm a bit late. Still better than last year where I only had one presentation and I was still updating my notes the night before. If you're looking for me make sure to check the schedule as there have been some changes, and there may well be more to come. Also look for my late addition where I'll be joining Gabe Gunderson of izeni to talk about VoIP (specifically FreeSWITCH and Asterisk).



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