Ctrl Alt Chicken

On TWiT they mentioned that Revision 3 has posted a new cooking show, Ctrl + Alt + Chicken. I'm new to the whole Revision 3 thing, but I really like this show. I intend to watch further episodes.

This first espisode was chicken cordon bleu. The show was clever and very well done. The food, unfortunately, wasn't. They fried the chicken in oil that was way too hot so it was burned on the outside and raw in the middle. Sounds yummy, no?

Luckily the hosts were funny, had a witty rapport, and seemed to know how to host a show even if they couldn't cook. The production was excellent with high quality equipment, script writing, and editing. It was done with a geeky flair but would be fine for your average cooking enthusiast. They could really stand to watch the language a little, although now that I think about it the average prime time drama uses more foul language. Still, I found it only detracted from the show.


Meat Packing

You know that feeling you get when you eat half a sandwich only to discover the bread is moldy? C'mon, fess up. We've all done that, and we know that sinking feeling you get in your gut. No amount of brushing your teeth really makes your mouth feel clean.

Well, that was the way I felt last week as I was listening to a podcast of KCRW's Good Food while driving to Wyoming. They were discussing a new trend in food packing where meat containers are filled with carbon monoxide to prevent the meat from turning brown. "That's horrible", I thought. Then they described the packages and that's when it hit me. That's exactly the meat I've been buying from Walmart. Well, I guess I should have expected it from them.


Deep Dish Pizza

One of my favorite cooking sites, Cooking for Engineers, posted a recipe for deep dish pizza. I love a good Pizza Hut pan pizza, even despite having worked there and seen what goes on behind the scenes. This recipe wasn't exactly a copy, which is fine because it was delicious.

Since I didn't vary much from the original recipe I won't reguritate it here, instead I'll just write up my comments. My dough sure turned out dry. I ended up adding another couple tablespoons of water because the dough wouldn't hold together. I wonder if that was an altitude thing.


The Curious Cook

Title: The Curious Cook
Author: Harold McGee
Published: 1990 by North Point Press
ISBN: 0-86547-452-4

I'm all about the science of cooking. I'm a sucker for science in a lot of forms, but cooking is great because you can eat the results. If you like Alton Brown, you'll feel right at home with Harold McGee.


SSH Lockout 0.4.2

Just some minor bug fixes. No changes to code, just docs and install files. If you're running 0.4.1, there's no reason to upgrade.

  • change default settings of debug and detach
  • overhaul INSTALL (thx Erin)
  • check for NetAddr::IP at install (thx Erin)
  • fill in README

SSH Lockout 0.4.2

The Smoked-Foods Cookbook

Title: The Smoked-Food Cookbook
Author: Lue & Ed Park
Published: 1992 by Stackpole Books
ISBN: 1-985771-00-5

Lately I've been quite infatuated with barbecue. I place the blame squarely on Alton Brown, who has a really great recipe for ribs. He also came up with a wacky idea to build a terra-cotta smoker, which I've decided to implement. That's another blog post (complete with pictures, of course), but in preparation I decided to visit the library.


SSH Lockout v0.4.1

The long awaited update to SSH Lockout is finally here for the downloading. Hey, I beat the one year mark by a week! From the changelog:

  • only blacklist on $tries == $max_tries, to combat log latency
  • new log filter
  • improved logging
  • more examples in the sample config
  • Gentoo init script (thx Nicholas Leippe)
  • Makefile updates

SSH Lockout 0.4.1

Printing Multiple Pages

I'm working on a publication for my wife. I can't say more because it's really hush-hush (nuclear secrets, you know). We decided to print it on 5.5"x8.5" paper, which the astute among you may recognize as a half-sheet of US Letter size paper. We just didn't need a larger size (atoms are pretty small). The hard part was getting OpenOffice.org to double up the pages.

My first try was to change the page to Landscape and create two columns. That worked, but the page numbers got messed up and I couldn't find an analogous "column number" field. That's a problem because we use automatic tables of contents and indexes extensively.

Peppers: A Story Of Hot Pursuits

Title: Peppers: A Story Of Hot Pursuits
Author: Amal Naj
Published: 1992 by Alfred A Knopf, Inc.
ISBN: 0-394-57077-4

Last summer we grew a whole bunch of peppers in our garden. The plan was to make some salsa out of them, and to that end it was a success. We made three batches of salsa and each was delicious. The jalapeños were the best pepper we had. Compared to the poblanos and green peppers, they were more abundant. The habeñeros barely started budding by the time it froze.

With that success under my belt I'm preparing to expand my pepper cultivation next year. I picked up this book hoping to further that goal. It turns out not to be so much about growing peppers like The Great Tomato Book was about tomatoes. But it was an interesting read nonetheless.


Alton Brown's Gear For Your Kitchen

Title: Alton Brown's Gear For Your Kitchen
Author: Alton Brown
Published: 2003 by Stewart, Tabori & Chang
ISBN: 1-58479-296-5

If you're a fan of Good Eats, you'll dig this book. But be careful. It's not a cookbook, so if that's what you're looking for you'll be disappointed. Instead, it's a book full of what A.B. recommends for your kitchen. Quite a bit of it you could guess at from his show. Some of it is straight out of the show, actually. I guess he can only have so many opinions.

I was quite intrigued by his recommendation for how to get rid of extra hardware. First step is to move everything to a single spot. As you use things, put them away. Eventually you find what you use and what you don't. Well, it's a little more involved (read the book!) but that's the gist. I just can't see myself doing that, though. I did suggest it to my wife, but she was not interested. How could we get ride of the ice cream maker we've only used once in the 6 years we've been married?



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