Ctrl Alt Chicken

On TWiT they mentioned that Revision 3 has posted a new cooking show, Ctrl + Alt + Chicken. I'm new to the whole Revision 3 thing, but I really like this show. I intend to watch further episodes.

This first espisode was chicken cordon bleu. The show was clever and very well done. The food, unfortunately, wasn't. They fried the chicken in oil that was way too hot so it was burned on the outside and raw in the middle. Sounds yummy, no?

Luckily the hosts were funny, had a witty rapport, and seemed to know how to host a show even if they couldn't cook. The production was excellent with high quality equipment, script writing, and editing. It was done with a geeky flair but would be fine for your average cooking enthusiast. They could really stand to watch the language a little, although now that I think about it the average prime time drama uses more foul language. Still, I found it only detracted from the show.


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