Deep Dish Pizza

One of my favorite cooking sites, Cooking for Engineers, posted a recipe for deep dish pizza. I love a good Pizza Hut pan pizza, even despite having worked there and seen what goes on behind the scenes. This recipe wasn't exactly a copy, which is fine because it was delicious.

Since I didn't vary much from the original recipe I won't reguritate it here, instead I'll just write up my comments. My dough sure turned out dry. I ended up adding another couple tablespoons of water because the dough wouldn't hold together. I wonder if that was an altitude thing.

Make sure the bottom of your dough is nice and smooth. Mine was all cracked and bumpy because I pulled the dough taught across the top, and it ended up a little weird. With my other recipe it doesn't make a difference.

You can also see in the picture that the rear pizza doesn't have much of a hand hold. It was difficult to get the dough exactly the right size for the pan. Turns out that it needs to be just a bit bigger than the bottom as the dough won't fill in any gaps. Plus, if it rolls up the side a little then you've got a handy place to grasp your prey.

And finally, the crust wasn't as dark as you would get at The Hut. I figure using a darker pan would contribute to that. I might try cooking a pie in my cast iron skillet and see how that fares.


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