UTOSC 2010 Day 1: VMLB IP Load Balancer

First session of the day was about VMLB IP Load Balancer, presented by Clint Tinsley of Inductys. It's a formerly proprietary application whose development stopped in 2006. They're now looking to relaunch development and build it as Open Source. Overall sounds like an interesting project which could turn into something if the project works out. At this point it's not something I could actually use, unfortunately. I'll have to keep an eye on it.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • project dormant since 2006
  • persistent connections to real server
  • designed for 2 interfaces
  • supports 4 interfaces
  • no vlan support
  • no snat support
  • mgmg ip separate from lb ip
  • layer 7 content type awareness
  • redundant controllers
  • support for ssl processor cards
  • http/https/ftp/imap/pop/ldap/smtp
  • roundrobin/weighted/least conn/src dst hash/expected delay/never queue
  • service checks
  • redhat/centos 3.0
  • uses ultra monkey - stopped dev in 2005 - or not?
  • snort built-in
  • built-in help system
  • und.cgi - management web app
  • ssl proxy for back-end http
  • real-time monitoring is missing
  • code release next week
  • source going in github (ossvmlb)
  • release on sourceforge
  • custom health checks? does basic alive (ping?). adding new ones might be hard.


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