Suspend and resume

I took a moment last night to figure out why my laptop sometimes resumes from a suspend and sometimes doesn't. It seemed to work so well for quite a while that I was very surprised when it begain failing on a regular basis.

Site upgrade

I've upgraded the site to drupal 4.5 and migrated it to a new server. Hopefully this will be a good move in the long run. For now it will help me save $25 when my hosting company tries to charge my Visa card and discovers that it's expired. I'm sure they'll cancel my account at some point.

It also represents a shift in goals for the site. I tried before to just write technical articles that could help mankind. That was all well and good, but they were few and far between. It just takes quite a while to write articles like that.

So, while I plan to author technical articles from time to time, I plan to toss in personal notes and more simple comments.


SPF changes SMTP, news at 11

According to this page, SPF is the 8th deadly sin. I think its failings have really been blown out of proportion and I'm here to address them.

Please feel free to send me feedback: tensai at zmonkey dot org. As always, I reserve the right to be wrong. Oooh, but if I'm correct I reserve the right to rub it in your face.


Actiontec DSL Router

I finally got DSL at home last week. It's great. I've got a wonderful ISP (not MSN!) so things are working out well. It was a little tough to configure since we had to do wireless between the modem and the computer, but that's another article. :)

Today I'm here to rant about the Actiontec router they sent me. It's got 802.11g wireless which is cool, and it's an embedded Linux device which definitely gets them some cool points. They even have the code available from their website like their supposed to. Cool beans. But it's not without issues.

JBoss and Windows 2000

I'm the administrator of a Windows 2000 Small Business Server which my company uses for way too many things. It has our email server, dns server, file server, and so on. And when we deployed a J2EE app running JBoss, it got nomitated for the task. Just the other day when I was working with our app, it quit responding. It took me a number of hours to figure out what the problem was, so I figured I'd archive the solution here.



I'm a big fan of Good Eats with Alton Brown. The food is always simple (no maitake mushrooms in every recipe), his approach is a little off the wall, and he shares great bits of useless information here and there. Wonderful show.

In his show about oatmeal there's a great recipe for granola. It's simple, cheap, and tastes wonderful. I've started making it 2 or 3 times a week. I eat it for breakfast and as snacks throughout the day. One of my friends recommended I start a business selling the stuff. It is that good, but I don't think I'm up for a granola business.


How to make a Christmas card

Every year my wife and I struggle through making Christmas cards. Last year we spent hours and hours on a great letter, and then never sent it out. So this year I figured if we're gonna forget to send out letters, we should at least send out a card. Plus it would be fun and exciting to make my own. This is my tale.

I started off with a nice picture of the family. We went down by the river and found a spot with some pretty yellow and red leaves in the background. A tripod and auto timer completed the package. The hardest part was getting my son to sit still and smile.


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