UTOSC 2010 Day 1: Twisted

Last presentation for the day was from Gabe Gunderson. We were all a little concerned that Gabe would show up. Turned out due to a miscommunication he thought the presentation started half an hour later. Oh, well. Life goes on.

Gabe gave us an introduction to Twisted which is an event driven networking framework. Sounds like a nice way to abstract away the details of a network application. I was particularly interested in this since I'm using Zenoss, which is Python based. So far I can't see quite how this will fit into anything I'm doing.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • event driven network framework for python
  • MIT license
  • protocols and transports separated
  • network and gui share event paradigm
  • event driven means debugging is a pain
  • events means you have to save context
  • "deferreds" are returned by functions that run asynchronously
  • common classes: reactor, protocol
  • protocol.Protocol - wire protocol (pop3, etc or write your own)
  • protocol.ClientFactory - creates instances of class for each connections
  • perspective broker


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