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My first day at the Utah Open Source Conference is just about done. I really need to get to bed so I don't fall asleep during my presentation tomorrow. That would be embarrassing. I only made it down at 6:30pm for the dinner and keynotes, which I'm glad I attended. Mac's talk was great and so was Paul's, although it did seem to drag on. Maybe that's because I needed to go to the bathroom. I also had a chance to visit with a few Linux newbies at my table, which is always fun. But the highlight of my day had to be meeting Harleypig. Thankfully, no speedos were involved.


Idaho Falls, Old School

I found some great pictures of Idaho Falls on the USGS' website. They didn't know when the pictures were taken, but based on the content it's been a while. I'm sure an avid historian could probably place the photos based on the content but I am not such a person. I can still appreciate them.

So without further ado, here are the pictures. I believe them to be in the public domain. They are about 2.5MB each.


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