NAD 27 vs NAD 83/WGS 84

Satellite. Image credit: Wikimedia.Somewhere a while back I read that the difference between NAD 27 and NAD 83 was on the order of a few feet at most and thus I had ignored it. Turns out I was very misinformed. NOAA has a site where you can calculate the difference between NAD 27 and NAD 83 which I tried today and my coordinate varied by more than 50 meters. That's pretty significant. So, lesson learned.


QLandekarteGT and Garmin Devices

I use QLandkarteGT on Linux to access my Garmin Venture HC GPS. All things considered, it works pretty well. I recently upgraded my computer to Ubuntu 12.04 and it stopped communicating with my GPS though, and I was very sad. The error was "Failed to download waypoints. Failed to configure USB: could not set config 1: Operation not permitted." After tinkering with it I remembered that the way I fixed it before was by setting qlandkartegt to run suid root.


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