Sausage Cheese Bread

I was watching Emeril last week (yeah, I know. I promise it's not a normal occurance) and saw a great recipe for a sausage and cheese stuffed bread. Actually, the recipe was pretty poor. I had to make it up as I went along but that was fun too. Of course, that means that you'll have to do the same since I didn't take time to measure everything either.

First I mixed up a simple bread dough. I chose to use my standard french bread recipe. Since Emeril just waved around a wad of flour I have no idea what he really intended. Substitute your favorite as appropriate.

Pull out a 1/2 pound to a pound of sausage and brown it up. Add in a half cup or so of chopped onions. Toss in any spices you think will jazz up the bread. I chose fresh basil and crushed red peppers. I think some cayenne pepper would have been yummy, maybe some rosemary or oregano too. I'll have to try them out and see.

At the same time, saute a few sliced mushrooms in some butter. How can you go wrong with sauted mushrooms?

While the sausage and mushrooms infuse your kitched with wonderful smells, pull out the bread and roll it flat. You're aiming for about a 1/4 inch thick. Think pizza dough. Try to make it rectangular. When you're satisfied, give it a good egg wash.

Spread out the sausage, mushrooms and 8 oz or so of mozzarella cheese. I followed Emeril's poor example and bunched it up all on one side of the dough which made for a big pocket of goo in the finished bread. Would have been better spread out more like a raisin bread. Roll it up and pinch it closed. Flip it over, lay it on a baking device (sheet, stone, etc.), and slap on another egg wash.

Put it into a 375° oven and cook for 40 minutes rotating once. Be careful that you may get some melted cheese leakage. No worries. We put in plenty to make up for it and those crispy cheese cakes are so yummy. Let it cool, cut and serve. Actually, I don't recommend you let it cool all the way, just enough so that you can cut it.


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