After reading Joseph Hall's lemon curd entry I decided to try it myself. The results were delicious. I didn't have a real lemon so I skipped on the zest, just tossed in enough lemon juice to taste yummy. I used 2 1/2 tablespoons of regular sugar instead of the superfine and it worked out just fine.

Comparing it to Alton Brown's recipe I see that AB uses proportionally less egg for the amount of butter. Mine didn't end up quite as thick as I hoped and I wonder if that was the reason. Everything else is pretty much the same.


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I was just playing it by ear. This batch of curd ended up a lot thicker than usual. Just remember that you can fit more superfine sugar into a single space than regular sugar, because the granules are so much smaller. If it's not thick enough, my guess is that it wasn't on the heat long enough, or there wasn't enough yolk.

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