World IPv6 Day Wrap-up

Looks like World IPv6 Day was a good success. I saw a lot of traffic on NANOG announcing various issues people had seen, and many people declaring success. My own little fiefdom experienced relatively few problems. My Linux laptop had no issues with Google, Facebook and the other sites I could find. I reset my traffic counters this morning so I could watch it:

  • IPv4 inbound: 476MB, IPv4 outbound: 77M
  • IPv6 inbound: 5320K, IPv4 outbound: 1744K

On the work side of things, unfortunately we only have a few IPv6 test subjects so we weren't able to verify our own network. Given that it works fine in all our other tests I'm sure it's working correctly. What I wonder is if anybody had issues due to broken tunnels; none have been brought to my attention anyway.


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