Getting Down To The Real Issues

For a while now I've wanted to create a full list of all the political topics being debated and how the various candidates feel about them. See then I could rank them and come up with an algorithm to figure out who most aligns with my view. Luckily, I decided to google around first and I found somebody already did it: Vote Gopher.

Vote Gopher is a non-partisan site devoted to getting facts out, without any spin. I've only been browsing around for a few hours tonight but so far I'm impressed. I compared their candidate position statements with some I found at other places around the net and they appear to all agree, so from what I see their information is accurate. I've also been giving them a very critical eye regarding neutrality and thus far I see no reason to doubt them.

What I find most refreshing about the site is that it skips past all the mumbo jumbo and gets straight to the details. No more yammering about how old McCain is or whether Obama is wearing a US flag pin, as if those things really matter. The real questions are what will the next President do and they have extensive statements from each candidate on that.

So far I've found that I'm pretty split on both candidates. In fact, both candidates are surprisingly similar in many areas, such as stem cell research (both favor) or carbon cap-and-trade (both favor). What's nice is that generally the areas they agree on are the ones which align with my views (and I suspect most American's, hence the concensus).

Don't wait. Run over right now and sign up for an account. Start tallying up your issue votes and see who you really support.


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