Viseron EdgeTPU Device Not Found

I've been messing around with object detection using software such as Viseron, Frigate, or DOODS. I finally managed to get my hands on a device via Mouser and set it up, but sadly Viseron wasn't automatically discovering it. The error came through like this:

[2021-06-15 21:59:51] [viseron.mqtt ] [INFO ] - Initializing MQTT connection
[2021-06-15 21:59:51] [viseron.detector ] [DEBUG ] - Initializing object detector edgetpu
[2021-06-15 22:00:16] [viseron.detector.edgetpu] [ERROR ] - EdgeTPU not found. Detection will run on CPU
[2021-06-15 22:00:16] [viseron.detector.edgetpu] [DEBUG ] - Error when trying to load EdgeTPU: Failed to load delegate from

The other noticeable symptom was that the CPU was going crazy at over 300%, and that's just for a single 720p camera!

The fix ended up being pretty simple. Make sure in your Docker startup you have "-v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb" and "--privileged". That part was pretty well documented. I also had to set the permissions of the Coral device node to 0666 before the Viseron process could open it.



And now CPU load is only about 2%, which is much better.

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