UTOSC 2010 Day 2: Advanced Git

Git has become my favorite version control of late, so I was very excited about this presentation. With that, I attended Tim Harper's presentation on Advanced Git. We got started 30 minutes late, he had some technical issues with his content, and we ended up with only 15 minutes of class time. That was a real disappointment. I did learn about gitk, a repository visualizer. I think I have a somewhat better idea on how to browse around my branches.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • rebase
  • clean commits
  • bisect
  • always review before you commit
  • git add -p - yes/no before it adds
  • gitk - repository visualizer. gitk --all
  • tig - console visualizer
  • git log branch1...branch2 - show changes that are same in both branches
  • git reflog
  • lose your head


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So sorry!


I'm so sorry about the first session! I feel really bad. As you may know already, after I punched my session times into my calendar, the times were changed. Maybe I missed a notice somewhere...

I got an email from Clint Savage at 11:30 AM, asking me where I was and that "we are waiting for you". I thought: "How odd". I drove over as fast as I could, bending a few speed limit laws certainly. Anyways... as for the content issues, I was planning on showing up 30 minutes early to my session (which would have been 1:00pm as scheduled on my calendar) so I could have 30 minutes to work out any such issues... I just didn't get that time because of the mix-up :(

Anyways, I'm glad you gleaned something out of the 15 minutes you attended. I tried to make it up to the class by skipping lunch and teaching through... but understandably, many would have rather eaten lunch. I'm told the second session went a lot smoother (as hard as it was to top the first one).

Mistakes happen, we're humans and despite our best efforts to prepare, sometimes things fall through the cracks. I don't blame any of the conference organizers at all (Clint Savage did an awesome job!). In the end, I'm glad you came. If you have any git questions, feel free to post them on twitter and tag me (@timcharper). I'd be happy to answer.


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