Manual route override in Exim 3

Ever heard of Yeah, me neither. Apparently one of our customers has as he attempted to send an email to them last week. Unfortunately, it got stuck in the queue because of a combination between a weird configuration in's DNS and Exim 3.

For some reason known only to a small-minded DNS admin, decided to list 235 hosts as their MX. Here's a snippet: mail is handled by 229 mail is handled by 230 mail is handled by 231 mail is handled by 232 mail is handled by 233 mail is handled by 234 mail is handled by 235

It makes no sense to me why they would waste nearly an entire /24 for such a thing. The DNS response is so big it had to fall back to TCP. There's another waste of bandwidth.

OK, so why is this a problem? Apparently it causes a crash in Exim 3.35 which we're still running. Yeah, I know. 4.50 is out. Tough beans. This is what I've got to work with. So I came up with a workaround in my exim.conf to get mail delivered to them despite their best efforts.

   driver = domainlist
   domains = /etc/exim/
   search_type = lsearch
   route_file = /etc/exim/manual-override.routes

Take that!

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