DRM Just Doesn't Work

I saw a link on Bruce Schneier's blog about musicians who are opposed to Digital Rights Management (DRM) being applied to their music. I've written about this before, but it was nice to see it in print by a major news outlet.

Some of my favorite quotes:

What is more, artist managers are upset that the security is so easily beaten -- in the case of Sony BMG, with the company's assistance -- that it makes a mockery of content protection.

"The bad thing is that you are almost promoting what you are trying to protect against," Brown says. "You are upsetting the fan that went out and purchased the record."

They fail to realize that DRM is impossible to implement. You simply can not design a system that restricts access to content while still allowing access by the exact same people. What's more, it's preposterous (and frankly, a bit rude) to treat your customers like thieves. Even assuming that such a system were possible, it just doesn't make business sense.


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