Declude is De-stupid

I got this bounce message caused by a virus, which I'm guessing I didn't cause. It came back because my domain was used as the sender. Full headers weren't included so I can't be sure where it actually originated. That's part of my problem. But read the email and hopefully you'll see why I now hate Declude. That's right. They're officially on my not-invited-to-parties list.

The Declude software on our mail server detected the the W32/Netsky.d@MM virus !!! virus
that appears to have come from your mail server. It was sent in
an attachment document_full.pif, from user@mydomain to user@somedomain,
with the subject "Re: Here is the document". The Message-ID was:

If your mail server had virus protection, it would have caused less work for
our server and would have likely prevented one of your users from getting a
virus in the first place!

This is an automated message sent by Declude Virus ( ).

That's right. Not only are they complaining to the wrong party about a mass mailing worm without sufficient data, they tell me that had I been running their wonderful software I would have avoided this whole mess! Well, sign me up. I can't wait to be sending emails that aren't helpful to anybody.



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